Project designer: DBC
Client: Tricomp International

TRICOMP was established in 1996 and transformed into a Limited Liability Company on June 28, 1999. TRICOMP specialises in modern IT and telecommunication technology. From the very outset the company has provided integrated IT and telecom system solutions adapted to its clients’ needs.

The company has gained tremendous experience in servicing clients over the years. Taking into account theneeds of our clients, Tricomp provides IT and Telecom integration, providing overall consulting and projectmanagement for our clients. Tricomp always sees the full picture by using its experience and by consulting and working with its clients and clients’ contractors.

Our mission and main goal is the full satisfaction of our clients, guaranteed by high quality of services and products, which are the results of the creativity and involvement of our team members. This is achieved through frequent interaction with our clients and the recognition of their requirements and conditions.

Tricomp has a long relationship with commercial real estate, where we have carried out design, consulting, installation and project management services. Tricomp’s powerful combination of consulting, project management and technical know-how provides clients with true end-to-end solutions that ensure smooth running and guarantee good results, which are also a result of client participation in a clear process.

We are very experienced in customer relationship management and currently maintain a number of mission-critical telecom and IT networks as well as implementation processes. We maintain large IT and telecommunications networks and thus have very good knowledge of user requirements as well as very good working relationships with service providers, users and telecom operators.

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