Project designer: Diaspora Business centre
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Client: Self Sustaining

The overall objective of this three-year project (2008-2010) is to contribute to the social and economic empowerment of the rural women in Ghana by providing training in proper familybased poultry and goat raising and seed capital. The project started in 2005 with ten beneficiaries who received 100 layer seach as income generating activity. Sankofa also built chicken coops, goat pens, and provided veterinary medicines and feeds to start the livelihood activities.

With funding assistance from Oxfam Novib in 2008, Sankofa was able to expand the project and now includes 320 rural women. Training on conflict negotiation, gender empowerment, family budgeting, and HIV/Aids prevention are also included in the project. Sankofa also assisted women in opening savings account with the Rural Bank of Dangme. In doing so, Sankofa facilitated the fi nancial inclusion of women who previously did not have access to any financial services such as securing small loans to expand their home-based livelihood activities. Expected impacts of female economic empowerment include: joint responsibility for household and farm decisions and property ownership; increased self-confi dence; decreased vulnerability to domestic violence; improved access to health and social services.

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