Dairy Goat Farming in Kenya

Poverty reduction for small scale farmers through sustainable dairy goat farming

Dairy goat farming is emerging as a high-return option for Kenyan small-scale farmers, although it remains hobbled in some regions by marketing and distribution challenges, even as the sector soars in other nearby regions. Promotion of Dairy goats in Kenya started way back in the 1950’s by white settlers but it was not until 1980’s that Germany sponsored an integrated small livestock project that scaled the activities around Mt. Kenya.  As the project winded up in the year 1993, farmers came together through registered groups and formed the Dairy Goats Association of Kenya (DGAK) for sustainability of dairy goat projects.  The project targeted small scale farmers with little sizes of land that could not sustain large stock and since then DGAK has spread over the country including western Kenya.

Facts & Figures

  • DGAK members :  16,000 goat farmers
  • Branches:   Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Embu,Western Kenya, Murang’a , Nakuru, Kiambu.
  • Goat Sales:  895 goats were sold through DGAK worth 8.72 million  Kenya shillings
  • Milk Sales:  48,182 liters sold to processors (Farmers are mainly selling to neighbors)

This project is an initiative of Diaspora Business Center with the overall objective to reduce migration to the EU by creating economic livelihood opportunities and social return in Diaspora countries of origin.

The project should increase and enhance responsible entrepreneurship and social return on investment. The project should increase support for female entrepreneurs.

For additional information and investment opportunities, please contact DBC.  

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