Diaspora Business Centre

Diaspora Business Centre ideally combines business and social interests, paired with professional know-how by diaspora experts. In this context, innovative projects are currently being implemented in Kenya, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Ghana among others. Job creation and income generation in Somalia’s fishing sector offer new perspectives to young people; with the long-term objective of reducing poverty and crime. Furthermore, by facilitating knowledge exchange in a specific (post) conflict context with Sri Lanka’s fishing sector, the diaspora contributed to strengthen South-South relations as well.

What we do

    • Business development and sales planning
    • Project development, including financing and funding issues
    • Project development and project management o Business partner search and match making
    • Developing strategies for marketing, sourcing and distribution including import and export. o Project management, including assistance in implementation and on operational issues.
    • Determination and management of cross border budgets and sales
    • Advising commercial companies on social entrepreneurship and investment into social returns through Corporate Social Responsibility at local and international level.
    • Policy studies, evaluations and implementation.
    • Business process outsourcing
    • Supporting Diaspora in business development and business start-up in countries of origin
    • Joint venture creation
    • Acquisition: both in the private sector (European and African), and in the public sector (national and EU levels). Includes Benelux and UK

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